Behind the Scenes: Crafting the Character: Inspiration

Bald Solomon |

I always start with a general concept of my new character. For this important character, my concept is “I need a strong woman.”

Now comes the fun part. Who is my Strong Woman? Who could help me understand her? Where will I find my inspiration? Even better, who will be my inspiration?

I need to do my research.

Looking for inspiration. I research strong women of history. I learn each of their stories, looking for themes. Here are a few I consider.

These role models help me begin to paint my Strong Woman. Yet I want more. I look for more inspiration.

Let me wander into more recent times.

My Strong Woman is starting to become more real. I now realize she is much more than just strong. She has multiple layers of complexity, internal conflict, external controversy, and even personal imperfection. Yes, she is becoming real.

I dive in for one final round of reading for inspiration. I move to the Bible.

I feel myself drawn to Delilah. My Strong Woman now has a name.

Welcome to the Path Series™, Deliah Boaz.

Next up: Why Delilah?

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