Path Talk


Sometimes, Path Talk is an easy way to learn a bit about the backstory, to find out more about what shaped these characters into who they are today.  For instance, listen to this easy banter… 

Bald Solomon: Good morning, Delilah. Let’s get started by reminiscing a bit. You and Jobe, your connection goes way back. How did you two first meet, and what were those early days like? Any memories you’d like to share?

Delilah: Oh, absolutely! Jobe and I have known each other since we were kids. Our parents were friends, and they used to hang out a lot. We’d find ourselves spending hours together during those gatherings. We’d explore the neighborhood, play games, chase butterflies, and imagine all sorts of adventures. Jobe was always great for me, and we could talk about anything without judgment.

Bald Solomon: Sounds like you guys have always been close.

Delilah: For sure! We were like two peas in a pod, just spending time together. I’ll never forget one summer when Jobe built a treehouse for me in his backyard. We spent endless hours up there, dreaming about what the future had in store. And as we got older, our friendship just kept growing.

Bald Solomon: Speaking of growing, how do you feel about …

Other times, Path Talk shares the raw emotion of the moment.  For instance, when Delilah learns she is unexpectedly pregnant, Bald Solomon just lets her vent.

Bald Solomon: During Path Talk, I usually talk directly with one of the characters, asking a variety of questions to get an insightful conversation going.  However not this time. Delilah just found out she is pregnant, and I merely need to listen.  Here she is…

Delilah: Shock. Total, utter shock. How is this even possible? I didn’t plan for this, not now. My heart’s pounding so loud, I can barely hear my own thoughts. This can’t be real, can it? But it is, it’s happening to me. To me, Delilah.

What am I going to do? The father… oh, what will he say? He’s not ready, I’m not ready. We’re not even… we’re nothing stable. How can I bring a child into this? A baby, a real, living baby. My baby.

Mom and Dad, oh my goodness, Mom and Dad. They’re going to be so disappointed, or worried. They have such high hopes for me. This will change everything. Will they support me?

And my friends, my job, my life… it’s all going to change. Everything’s going to change. I’m scared. So scared. Can I do this? Can I really do this?

I need to breathe, just breathe. I can handle this, right? I’m strong, I’ve always been strong. But this is different, this is huge. I need help, I can’t do this alone. I have to tell someone. I need to make a plan, a real plan.

But first, I need to accept this, accept that I’m going to be a mom. My whole world is about to change, and… maybe that’s not a bad thing? Maybe this is a new path, a new journey for me. Scary, unexpected, but maybe… maybe it could be wonderful?”

“Okay, Delilah, focus. You’ve always faced challenges head-on. This… this is just another challenge, right? A huge one, but still. Breathe. You’ve got this. You have to have this.

My job, my career – how will I manage? I’ve always been ambitious, driven. A baby changes everything. Can I still chase my dreams, or do they change now too? And the travel, the freedom I cherished – how much of that am I giving up?

Dad. How do I even start this conversation? Telling him feels like I’m about to walk into a storm. He’s always had such high hopes for me, and this… I can’t even imagine how he’ll take it. He sees the world in black and white, and this is a shade of gray he might not be ready to understand.

But first, I have to tell him. And that’s the hardest step. Finding the right words, the right moment, to reveal a truth that will change our lives forever. I just hope that, when all is said and done, we can still stand together, father and daughter, ready to face whatever comes next.

Okay, Delilah, deep breath. It’s time to be brave. It’s time to tell Dad.

Bald Solomon sometimes uses Path Talk to dive deeper, to become a bit philosophical.  Here he talks about the power of family.

Bald Solomon: Today, we sit down with Lydia Boaz. Lydia, thank you for joining us for bit of reflection about the influence and dynamics of family.

If you would, share some insights on the power of family. How has your family shaped your life, and what does that mean to you now, in light of Delilah’s new chapter as a mother?

Lydia: In this world of shifting sands, family is where we can build our lives, our futures. Delilah’s journey into motherhood has opened up a new chapter, not just for her, but for me as well. Becoming a grandmother is like being given a chance to witness the future take shape while holding the past in your heart.

I am reminded that the power of family is infinite—it bridges generations, it heals, it inspires, and most of all, it endures. That’s the treasure I hope to leave behind, one that Delilah and now Zion can always count on.

Bald Solomon: Zion’s arrival marks not just the addition of another member to your family tree but also the sprouting of a new branch that carries with it the countless yesterdays and the promise of innumerable tomorrows.  Our lives interconnect through time, each fortified by those that came before, and each memory, a building block for the future.

Lydia: You are right. Holding Zion for the first time, there was this immediate sense of continuity, of a lineage that stretches far back into the past and extends far into the future. It’s a reminder of the cyclical nature of life, of the roles we play, and then pass on. You see, the power of family isn’t just in the presence of love, but in its legacy, in the values and stories we leave behind for the next generation to build upon.

I’ve learned, over the years, that while we are the authors of our own lives, the narrative is richer when intertwined with the tales of our parents and the dreams of our descendants. It’s a comforting thought that as Zion grows, he’ll come to understand not just who he is, but who we were—the struggles we faced, the triumphs we celebrated, and the love that we shared.

So, as I hold Zion, it’s with the hope that he feels this power, this enduring presence. That he grows up knowing he is part of something far greater than himself—that he is the result of generations of love, hope, and dreams. It’s a reminder to all of us that family is our first connection to the world and our lasting impact on it. And it’s this connection, this impact, that I am so eager to see flourish in Delilah and Zion. Our family’s

Finally, Bald Solomon sometimes takes center stage to talk directly to the readers.  I love this one! 

Bald Solomon:  As I listen to Lydia talk about her family, I appreciate that she has lived through many of the critical junctions I set out to explore when I first conceived the Path Series™. There are the moments that bend the arc of our lives—falling in love, the birth of a child, struggles with family. Life experiences – and those of our readers – are a combination of many such moments, each one blending into the people we become.

The Path Series™ is my offering to explore the universal human experience, to craft a mirror in which readers can see the echoes of their lives. It’s a shared journey to transcend time and place.  Even in divided times, all people can be united in these shared experiences, these rites of passage that shape us, no matter where we stand in the world.

Through the lives of these characters, we have a narrative that doesn’t just speak, but invites participation. One that offers solace in shared troubles, joy in common celebrations, and guidance at the crossroads of life. These books are more than just a tale to be told— they’re a conversation to be had, a reflection to be seen, a path to be walked together.

My intention is to make a difference, one page, one reader, one life at a time. And every time someone finds a piece of themselves in the Path Series™, every time a reader takes a step they were hesitant to take, I am humbled and appreciative that we started down this path.